There are things that you need to consider. Let the Embers Fireplaces team help you with some advice or with any questions. Here are some common ones:

Contemporary 'Hole In The Wall' gas and electric fires; these are lovely for giving the 'Wow' factor and freeing up floor area in your home but you will need to budget for building work such as bricking up the existing fireplace opening, fitting a lintel and plastering the wall. Our team have experience to give you advice on what's going to be required.

Q: Are you looking for an electric fire?
A: You need to have a fused spur plug socket nearby as recent electrical regulations governing the isolations of electrical appliances are now in force.
Q: Are you considering a fire surround or fireplace for you gas or electric fire?
A: Think about whether the fire is suitable for the surround i.e will the surround be OK with the heat that the fire produces? Embers Fireplaces can help choosing a standard surrounds and we work with companies who, although they have a standard range, can adjust then to suit your colour scheme and sizing. Also, we can arrange for bespoke surrounds to be made at very reasonable costs.
Q: Do you have a chimney?
A: If Yes, then the type of chimney or flue effects your choice of fire. Check if Class 1 (7 inches in diameter), Class 2 (5 inches in diameter) or Pre-Cast (built into the structure of the wall and passing through the loft space. Embers Fireplaces can explain the differences and what that means to you.
Q: No fireplace opening?
A: Don't worry! Many fireplace manufacturers produce fireplaces and electric fires which are designed to fit completely flat to the wall. You may prefer to choose your own fire surround and Embers Fireplaces can help with advice on rebate sizing to allow you to be able to fit an electric fire of your choice.
Q: New home but no chimney?
A: If you are looking at a gas fire for your home you need to take into account the costs involved in fitting a gas fire so it may be better to consider an electric one. Again, Embers Fireplaces will be able to chat through your ideas and give you some advice.